Open Rabbit Show Information

Superintendents: Mary and Heather Nachtigal
                        608-538-3434 (Mary) or
                        608-383-3630 (Heather)

To Our Exhibitors

Thank you for entering. The class is open to all ages from 4 and up. Please notice the entry deadline for the Open Rabbit Show. All completed entry blanks must be postmarked at least 10 days prior to the event weekend. Please keep these entries separate from other exhibits (4-H-Youth, Household, and livestock).

Please try to have entries listed on entry form in CLASS and NUMERICAL ORDER and, if possible, please include name/address labels with your entry form to wave writing time. You should contact the exhibit superintendent if you have any questions.

Thanks for your cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you at the Horse & Colt Show.

Your Superintendents,
Mary and Heather

Open Rabbit Show Details

Entries should be postmarked NO LATER THAN 10 days prior to the show weekend. Entries made after the deadline until 9 a.m. on the day of the show will be a $2 entry fee per rabbit.

Registration start at 8 a.m. on Saturday of the show. The show starts promptly at 9 a.m.

Show will be held at Banker Park shelter.

Mail entry forms to:
    Mary or Heather Nachtigal
    22467 Elderberry Dr
    Soldiers Grove, WI  54655

  • All rabbits must be purebred for bred classes. Exceptions will be for the crossbred and pet classes.
  • Limit to 3 breeds per person in the breeding classes.
  • Exhibitors can enter only 1 rabbit per class.
  • Limit of 5 different breeds per exhibitor.
  • All rabbits must be free of contagious and infectious diseases. Rabbits showing evidence of specific diseases cannot be exhibited.
  • This is a carrying cage show, bring rabbits in something they will be comfortable in for the day. Please be sure to bring food and water.
  • Animals may be removed at exhibitors discretion.

Premiums:  Blue $4, Red $3, White $2, Pink $1

There will be rosettes and monetary prizes for “Best of Breed”, “Best Opposite”, “Reserve Champion”, and “Grand Champion”

Enter rabbits by sex and age as follows:

  • Buck over 6 months – Senior Buck
  • Doe over 6 months – Senior Doe
  • Buck under 6 months – Junior Buck
  • Doe under 6 months – Junior Doe
Class ASr.BuckSr. DoeJr.BuckJr.Doe
American Standard Chinchilla1234
Angora – English5678
Angora – French9101112
Angora – Satin13141516
Angora – German17181920
Checkered Giants (all colors)25262728
Champagne D’argent29303132
Crème D’argent33343536
Dutch – all varieties37383940
English spots (all varieties)41424344
Flemish Giants (all varieties)45464748
Florida White49505152
Lops – French53545556
Lops – Holland57585960
Lops – Mini61626364
Lops – Fuzzy65666768
Netherland Dwarfs69707172
New Zealand – Red, White, Black73747576
Polish – all varieties77787980
Rex – mini81828384
Lion head85868788
Rex – All standard varieties89909192
Satins – all standard varieties93949596
Satins – mini979899100
Siamese Sable101102103104
Silver Martins105106107108
Any other fancy breed109110111112
Commercial breed113114115116
Class B    
Pet Class117118119120
Class C    
Class D    
Meat class (pen of 3 all same breed    
 and variety not over 5# each. Cannot be      
entered in another class.125   
Single Roaster 5-8#126   
Single Fryer 5# or less127