Coordinating Committees


*Jeremy Matthes, Chris Abrahamson, Greg Kellogg, Tammy Green, Kristi Deaver, Dorsey Ames, Bob Levy, Mike Rynes, Paul Larsen


*Mickella Nofsinger, Mike Rynes, Andy Kellogg, Jeremy Matthes, Kristi Deaver, Dave Matthes, Deb Matthes, Joe Cano, Sandy Cano, Millie Wilder (ticket booth scheduling), Annie Blakley, Jom Matthes, Dan Hadley, Dan Ames, Dave Levy (webmaster)

Audit Committee

*Chris Abrahamson, Paul Larsen, Ashley Walker


*Jori Campbell, Greg Kellogg, Rufus Haucke, Mike Rynes, Chris Abrahamson

Premium Book

*Ashley Walker, Ronda Fortun, Millie Wilder, Lorraine Servais

Police & Parking

Viola Chief of Police (608) 627-1831

Household Exhibits

*Ginger McCauley (608) 627-1103, Ronda Fortun (608) 627-1782,  Larraine Servais

Arts & Crafts

*Sue Wallace (608) 627-1510, Lyle Wallace

Boys and Girls Exhibits

*Mickella Nofsinger


*Gail Klinkner (608) 606-0183), Andy Kellogg, Paul Marshall, Dana Kepler, Kickapoo FFA, Scott Walker, Brian Kast, Rachel Turgasen, Jennifer Clark


Heather Frank


Mary Nachtigal, Alyssa Nachitgal

Horse Pull

*Jeff Krueger (608) 625-4137, Paul Larsen (608) 634-3481, Sandy Ilstrup

Horse Show

*Dorsey Ames (608) 627-1419, Kristi Deaver, Danny Deaver, Doug Wheeler, Heather Johnson, Bob Levy, Cathy Levy, Morgan Alexander

4-Wheel Truck & Tractor Pull

*John Young and Keith Durst, Daryl Clark, Matt Buttler, Jerry Green, Dave Matthes, Deb Matthes, Joanne, Thill, Jeff Fortney, Tammy Brogley, Al Cutler, Kevin Robson, Tyrell Clements, Gabe Campbell, Brandon Parker, Mike Geary, Greg Gilbeck, Caleb Cory, Hunter Spry, Caleb Spry, Holden Spry, Viola Fire Department, Trak and tent workers

Beer Tent

*Jeremy Matthes, Jerry Green, Chris Hamilton, Dan Hadley, Jess Inman, Dave Matthes, Deb Matthes, Rufus Haucke, Julie Paus, Wade Gilman, Kyle Peterson, Mike Geary, Heath Stoikes, Lynette Peterson

Dance/Country Music Show

*Lorraine Servais

Parade, Jeff Wendorf, Daren Matthes, Tony Wheeler, Janet Matthes, Joe Kellogg, Ashley Wlaker, Mason Geary, Colton Matthes, Mitchell Geary, Jeremy Matthes

Environmental Engineer

*Colton Matthes, Mason Geary


*Dorsey Ames, Mike Rynes, Erica Walter, Dave Matthes, Julie Paus

Social Media

*Ashely Wlaker, Mickella Nofsinger, Jori Campbell

Webmaster (and friends!)

Hanging out at the tractor pull

Dave Levy