Animal Health Requirements

Cattle may not be exhibited at the Viola Horse and Colt Show unless accompanied by health records, as required herein, which shall be delivered to the secretary before the animals are unloaded at the show grounds. All animals exhibited shall be identified by registration name and number or by ear tag number. The secretary shall keep all health records and entry blanks on file, subject to inspection by state and federal officials.

Cattle may not be exhibited at Wisconsin Fairs unless accompanied by health records as required herein.

Cattle originating from within Wisconsin

There are no test or health document requirements for Wisconsin cattle. However, show management is responsible for maintaining records of persons who have exhibited at the show and the identification of animals shown for 2 years. Acceptable forms of animal identification for breeding animals are

  1. an official metal ear tag,
  2. a breed registration number, or
  3. a breed registration tattoo.

For steers, either an official ear tag or the metal ear tag applied at weigh-in may be used. Entry blanks submitted and signed by exhibitors, including one of the forms of identification listed above, will fulfill the exhibitor requirements. The show’s records of animals shown and exhibited are to be retained in case these are needed for disease tracing purposes.

Some exhibitors may elect to present a Wisconsin Intrastate Health certificate or a calfhood vaccination certificate at the check-in for the show. In such cases, the attending veterinarian or cattle superintendent should match the paper identification with the animals and return the document to the exhibitor. The certificate may be copied as a record if desired.


Cattle subject to the brucellosis test under brucellosis quarantine, and cattle under tuberculosis quarantine are not eligible for showing.


Horses for showing, or other purposes, will not be permitted to enter the show unless they are in a good state of health, and do not show evidence of any contagious or infectious disease. Horses found to be infected with contagious or infectious disease may be ordered to be removed from the show grounds at any time during the progress of the show. Proof of Negative Coggins required, a copy must be left with show committee and the original must be shown.  All out of state horses are required to have Interstate Health Papers, a copy left and original shown.


Sheep showing any symptoms of contagious or infectious diseases will not be permitted to be shown.

Regulatory Statute

Section 95.19 of the statutes provides that “no person shall.., exhibit at any fair any animal afflicted with or exposed to any contagious or infectious disease.” The section also provides that a person violating the section is liable to any other person who sustains damages because of such violations.