Horse Show

The Horse Show is held on Saturday and starts at 10am sharp…rain or shine.

Location:Bud Wheeler Arena, Viola, WI

Judges decisions are final…no refunds.


Awards will given in each class for 1st thru 6th places.


For $5.00 classes : 1st place  – $15.00
                               2nd place – $10.00
                               3rd place  – $5.00
For $3.00 classes : 1st place  – $9.00 
                               2nd place – $6.00
                               3rd place  – $3.00

For more information…

Horse Show Bill

Horse Show Registration Information

Horse Show Registration Form

To print the Horse Show Bill or Horse Show Registration form provided on this site, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 8 or higher installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is free.

For more Horse Show information, contact:

Dorsey Ames (608) 627-1419

THE VIOLA HORSE & COLT SHOW, INC. and its workers will not be liable for accidents and/or injury to any person, contestant or spectator or for the theft of any property.