Open Poultry Show Information

Superintendent: Heather Frank
                        20750 Balsley Lane
                        Richland Center , WI 53581

To Our Exhibitors

Thank you for entering. The class is open to all ages from 4 and up. Please notice the entry deadline for the Open Poultry Show. All completed entry blanks must be postmarked at least 15 days priorto the event weekend. Please keep these entries separate from other exhibits (4-H-Youth, Household, and Livestock).

Please try to have entries listed on entry form in CLASS and NUMERICAL ORDER and, if possible, please include name/address labels with your entry form to eliminate writing time. You should contact the exhibit superintendent if you have any questions.

Thanks for your cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you at the Horse & Colt Show.

Your Superintendents,
Mary and Heather

Open Poultry Show Details

Entries should be postmarked NO LATER THAN 15 days prior to the show weekend.

Registration start at 8 a.m. on Saturday of the show. The Poultry Show starts promptly at 9 a.m.

Show will be held at Banker Park shelter.

Mail entry forms to the superintendent at the address shown above.

  • All rabbits must be purebred for bred classes. Exceptions will be for the crossbreed and pet classes.
  • Exhibitors are allowed to bring no more than 3 breeds.
  • Exhibitors can show only 2 in each age category.
  • Entry fee is $1 per bird before September 12.
  • Late entries are $2 per bird the day of the show.
  • All poultry must be free of contagious and infectious diseases. Any poultry showing evidence of specific diseases cannot be exhibited.
  • This is a carrying cage show, bring poultry in something they will be comfortable in for the day. Please be sure to bring food and water.
  • Birds may be removed at exhibitors discretion.

Premiums:  Blue $4, Red $3, White $2, Pink $1

There will be rosettes and monetary prizes for “Best of Breed”, “Best Opposite”, “Reserve Champion”, and “Grand Champion”

Enter poultry by sex and age as follows:

  • Old Male/Old Female – Over 6 months
  • Young Male/Young Female – Under 6 months
Class A – ChickensOld MaleOld FemaleYoung MaleYoung Female
Any other standard – recognized or not21222324
Crossbreed – Any egg type, any meat type25262728
Class B – Bantams    
Game Bantam1234
Single comb – clean leg5678
Rose comb – clean leg9101112
Any other comb – clean leg13141516
Feather leg17181920
Class C – Duck    
All other heavy duck9101112
Class D – Geese    
Class E – Turkey    
Any breeding turkey1234
Class F – Market Class    
Roasters (2 birds over 5 pounds each)    
Broilers (2 young birds, 2.5 to 4.5 pounds each)    
Young duck (either sex, 5 pounds or more)    
Young geese (either sex, 7 pounds or more)     
Young turkey (either sex, over 15 weeks of age)