2021 Raffle Winners

The 2021 raffle drawing was held at 10pm Saturday evening. The list of prizes is shown below along with the winners. Congratulation to everyone and thanks for playing! Note: Raffle prize winners did not have to be present to win!!

This year’s raffle prize list is:

Grand Prize – $5,000

2nd Prize – $2,500

3rd Prize – $1,000

4th and 5th Prizes: $500.00
Plus…5 drawings for $100
and…5 drawings for $50
and…5 t-shirts

The 2021 raffle drawing winners are:

$5000–Randy Vesbach

$2500–Kevin and Carrie Sherman

$1000–Jerry and Vicky McCauley, RC

– Kevin Nemec
– Nancy Schmidt

– Mike Peterson
– Trish Coutle
– John Heal
– Trinda Wells
– Go Marco

– Anna Jorstad
– Laurie Brown
– Anne Pfister
– Aaron Polensky
– Laurie Bremer

Five $20–
– Heather Coats
– Amanda Stumpo
– Karen Bugge
– Bonnie Hershfield
– Willford Spry

Donation from Joe and Sandy Cano (t-shirts)
– Earl Nelson, Tyler Daniels, Jacob LaFoe
– Ed Henderson, Bonnie Young

The Horse & Colt Show Association would like to thank each and every one that participated in the 2021 show, for making it happen, and for bringing the spirit back to the area.
Thank you……

Winners assume responsibility for all applicable state and federal taxes.

Raffle operated under Wis. Lic #R0018117A-12021. Winner assumes all applicable state and federal taxes. For more information, send inquiry to Viola Horse & Colt Show, P.O.Box 203, Viola, WI 54664